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Shelley Fogg

No eggs on burgers for me but yes to arugula. Great first review. Looking forward to reading more.


Great review. My son Jordan and I hit Mesa Burger this past Friday knocking off two beautifully constructed burger masterpieces over a Q&A on Mr. Bowditch. I had the Downtown and Jordan the signature Mesa Burger. I'll be kick'n it up a notch with an egg topper next time we're in. Thanks for the inspiration.

Big E

I shouldn’t confess this but I’ve heard the shakes are pretty good too.


Super cool. Next time more pictures?


Gross onion bits will ruin a burger. And the pickles must be cold and crisp. Back in the good old days McDonald's featured a package that kept the cold side cold and the hot side hot.


Just found your blog, guys, courtesy of Leah's advice. Mesa burger is one of my favorite spots out there, one of the best burgers I've had. Great fries, too - a very important feature as Charlie makes clear.

Looking forward to reading more reviews. One caveat that won't surprise Rick: I check out at the Indian places. :^O

Keep up the good work!

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